Quarantine in Shenzhen hotel for 14 days. From Hong Kong to Shenzhen Bay Port.

I arrived at Tuen Mun West Rail Station at about 11 o’clock. I could take the light rail to the Tuen Mun Town Centre station or walk to the B3X bus stop. I saw that the next light rail had to wait for 9 minutes so I walked over.

Take B3X to Shenzhen Bay in Tuen Mun Town Centre

B3X time adjustment notice
the B3X bus comes

After the bus arrived at the station, a staff got on and disinfected the bus.

It’s a nice day
not much person when getting off

But in fact, there are so many people! ! ! The customs of Hong Kong passed quickly. After crossing the border of Hong Kong, I started to line up. I waited for about 1.5 hours before I could walk to Shenzhen side. I walked to Shenzhen side about 50 meters and started to queue again. After waiting here for 45 minutes, I received a total of five forms from the Shenzhen staff, and then scanned the QR code to fill in three digital forms. REMEMBER to bring your own pen, and bring a bottle of water, where there is no water for several hours, remember to bring it yourself. After filling out the form, waited for another 40 minutes, he staff will check your form and help you to take your temperature. Then, another staff will check your form on the computer, and then you will be instructed to the collect the sample for testing. The sample collection spent about 30 minutes. The sample collected from two parts, one is the nostril and the other is the throat. I feel not bad, not very uncomfortable.

After collecting the sample for NAT (nucleic acid testing), the form will be stamped with the collected stamp, and then go back to the staff for inspection. Will ask you questions about places you have been to in the past 14 days. After that, you can go to the queue for customs.

The customs will ask you carefully where you want to go and where you come from. After the customs, a staff member will check your form, and then you need to fill in a digital destination form after scanning the QR code provided. The staff will assign you to different regions, such as Futian, Luohu Province and other provinces. This time I was arranged to Luohu District. The hotel has no choice. Hotels with empty rooms will be allocated.

It took about 4 hours and 30 minutes for me to passed the Shenzhen customs from Shenzhen Bay (Hong Kong).

You can go to the waiting area outside. After about 45 minutes, the staff called my name to get on the bus.

Waiting for the bus here
Free water, cakes, instant cup noodles are available in the waiting area

Finally arrived at the hotel at 7pm. The staff take our luggage and take us to the register, do some psychological forms and so on. Then go to the hall to get the room card and pay the room fee. The cost of the hotel I quarantined this time was 200 yuan a day. In addition, if you need to order three meals from the hotel, add 100 yuan per day. But it’s not a must, you can use the delivery app for the food. The hotel staff will get the food from the deliver man, and put on the chair outside your room.

And I can turn on the air conditioner in this hotel.

So I arrived at the Shenzhen Bay Port at 12:00 and entered the hotel room at 20:00. It took 8 hours.

拿房卡時還拿到一個袋子,裡面有這些物品 (口罩10個、六神花露水、風精油、酒精消毒液和維多C)另外還有一張溫馨提示的小冊子和心理健康教育手冊
I also got a bag with these items when I got the room card.
There is also a warm reminder brochure and mental health education manual

The hotel staff and doctors are very patient, and the service is good. There is a WeChat group if you need any help you can reach on the group.

Hotel room

The first thing I do when I get to the room is to clean everywhere especially the tables and chairs. The bed was covered with my own sheets.

At around 21:15 in the evening, the staff rings the doorbell and ask me to do the NAT (nucleic acid testing) . First to fill the digital form by using your mobile phone, and bar code will be displayed after you submitted the form. The staff will scan it and you will get a bottle. Another staff member will help to get the sample from your nose. This time both nostrils were sampled. And then you can go back to your room.


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